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More Positive Reviews

The best time to ask for a review is immediately after completing the job. Our software has testimonials online before you leave the driveway.


Dominate Local SEO

Our SEO strategy deals with all the details of making sure your site gets noticed by all major search engines.


Anytime Anywhere

We help keep you and your customers connected. Our software goes where you or your team goes, and streams live updates to your site.


Reward Employees

Challenge your team to get the most reviews with our Team Leaderboard feature. View rankings on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.


Robust Reports

Receive automated weekly review analysis by email.
We feature a wide variety of administrative reports in the dashboard.


Why Do We Limit Access To
Our Lead-Conversion Software?

Our goal is to make sure that all our clients claim their place at the top of local search engines results, which means we limit access based on location and business segment. This way you can rest assured knowing our app is working full-time bring you results, not your competitors. Don't wait; Apply today! 

A Brave New World for Marketing

The advent of the internet and the information age has caused marketing strategy to enter a new paradigm on a global scale. No longer are the interruption-based strategies of the past effective. Today’s consumers are always hungry for more information, and research almost every purchase they make online before making the decision to buy. The key to marketing in this fast-paced, online world is to be the first one to help solve their problems by offering them the information they need when they need it. Solving problems for your customers establishes you as an expert, and the go-to guy when they require your services.

The ultimate goal of search engine optimization is to make sure your business is at the top of search engine results. A common misconception is that without a product to offer to a global audience there’s little room to take advantage of these online opportunities, but nothing could be further from the truth. Search engines often use demographic information based on the user’s IP address to provide information relevant to their location. It’s this key feature that allows local and even small-scale business to take full advantage of SEO and online marketing in a very effective way.

There’s one aspect of marketing that hasn’t changed, and it doesn’t seem like it will anytime soon; Word of mouth. A business’ reputation is the core of its ability to market itself. Especially for small and local business, what people are saying about you and your services makes a world of difference when it comes to generating leads. More and more, conversations about your business and reviews of your services are being posted online. Without a strong online presence, you’re missing out on an amazing opportunity to connect with your client-base in a meaningful way, and generate more leads than you thought was possible!

local-businessesLocal Businesses Rejoice! Your Online Marketing Solution

How do businesses really take control of their reputation online? The internet is a big place, and navigating the dynamic and complicated waters of the online world can seem like an overwhelming task. How are you going to let people know about your awesome track record for success and years of experience? The answer is by merging your reputation with today’s technology to take full control over the reviews left by your clients online, and having the ability to respond to those reviews accordingly, and quickly. A negative review, if left unattended, can do a lot of damage to your reputation, but even a negative review, if attended to quickly and appropriately, can be turned into a positive experience. This shows your future clients that you’re empathetic to their needs, and will work diligently to resolve a negative experience.

If you’ve been suffering from a loss of valuable leads, or an inability to convert them to sales, then this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for! What we at Web Wizards Local would like to offer you is an application that will change the way you interact with your clients, and provide leads and sales your competitors will envy. Our specialized software not only encourages positive reviews but does so by encouraging you and your employees to get directly involved! Effectively, we can manage your interaction with your entire client base directly from your website! It’s a beautiful thing!

app-for-thatThere's An App For That!

Our app makes claiming your space online like magic! That’s why we’ve developed the Multi-City App for local business who serve multiple areas and want to take full advantage of demographics and location-based search results.
This is what our app can do to highlight your prominence as a major player in your field:

SnapCrab_2016-02-29_22-02-31_No-00001. Provide potential clients with a “heat map” which clearly showing the areas you can, and the areas you have already served. Using google maps, which provides the standard framework for finding anything in your local area through the internet, our app will automatically render a heat map to display the areas that you’re most active in, based on real-time, real-life information. A heat map works by grouping demographic data by proximity and highlighting the areas you’re most active in through a topographical display. This gives customers the confidence to make the call, knowing that you’re active in their area.

2. Highlight real and legitimate reviews that place your business under the spotlight of your potential client’s minds. Think about the purchases you’ve made, and the business’ you’ve dealt with in the past;SnapCrab_2016-02-29_21-41-14_No-0000 How often is your decision based on what your friends, family, and neighbors are saying? Chances are if you’re like the common consumer, word of mouth plays a huge part in that decision. In today’s world, word of mouth has become word of text. People are connecting to the community at large through the internet, and speaking their minds online! Taking full advantage of these reviews should be your top priority, and our app provides the platform for you to do just that!

3. Provide location-based job summaries so that your future customers know that you’re active and involved in the local community. Small business owners, or those unaccustomed with online marketing strategy, often suffer from the fallacy that a website is like an online business card. A website should be engaging call your customers to take action. Keeping them updated on what you’ve done and where you’ve done it is not only a great way to let them know you’re active in the community, but also a great way to get your employees involved in managing excellent customer service.SnapCrab_2016-02-29_21-41-58_No-0000 You can even take advantage of our team leaderboard feature to encourage and reward your team for providing excellent service! The best part is that this can all be managed from any of the internet-enabled devices, from PCs to tablets and smartphones!

The psychology behind how this influences potential customers and converts leads into sales is simple. These three aspects of our multi-city app provide the customer with all the information they need to make an informed decision, and that decision becomes a sale! They know that you’re in their area, you do good work, and you actively help solve problems and work hard to turn any negative experience into something positive! They have proof of your track record of success so before you even meet, you’ve already built a foundation of trust with your customers. This is the founding principal that Web Wizards Local is built on, and it can become the founding principal for your success!

Seize control, dominate, and claim your rightful place online and in your community by putting your reputation to work online! Call us, or email us today! We want to make sure that all our clients are at the top of search engine results, and so we limit the availability of any given business segment for each area. This way, you can rest assured that we’re working to put you on top, not your competition. Partner with our team of web warriors and download our multi-city app to start taking full advantage of this amazing opportunity. You’ll connect with customers in a way you never thought possible, and notice an immediate increase in sales! Contact us today and find out more!

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